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Getting started with memwa: A new user's guide to making memories flourish

Updated: Apr 8

Welcome to memwa, where memories are captured, shared, and celebrated forever. If you're new to memwa and eager to embark on your memory-making journey, you've come to the right place.

In this quick guide, we'll walk you through the steps of starting with memwa, from starting memories to connecting with those who matter most to curating and celebrating all of your memories easily.

Step 1: Starting memories

Starting a memory is the first step to immortalising your memories on memwa. Whether it's a wedding, a weekend getaway, a birthday celebration, or any other occasion, memwa provides the perfect platform to document and relive any moment.

1. Open the memwa App: If you still need to, download the memwa appand sign up with Apple or Google.

2. Start a Memory: Click on the sample memory or the”+” and tap the "Start a Memory " button to get started.

3. Give your Memory a Name: Create a simple title for the memory you are about to capture. Don’t stress; you can change it later if you want. Now you are in, and you can start adding content and inviting contributors.

Step 2: Inviting contributors

memwa is all about collaboration and sharing memories with those who matter most. Once you've started your memory, it's time to invite contributors—friends, family, teammates, or anyone else you'd like to join in the memory-making process.

1. Share Invitation Link: Tap the Invite button (or the Profile pics) to open the Manage Access to Memories page. Tap the “Share” button and select Copy or share it directly to your preferred comms app. Note: You can choose whether to enable people as “Contributors” or “Viewers” 

2. Members Join the Memory: When members click the invitation link, they'll be prompted to download the app (if they don’t have it) and join the memory as contributors.

3. Contributing Content: Once members have joined the memory, they can start contributing photos, videos, stories, and messages to the event gallery.

4. Encourage Participation: To further enhance the interactive experience, encourage members to actively participate by sharing their favourite memories and moments, engaging with emojis, and (coming soon) adding comments.

Step 3: Curating memories

As memories start pouring into the event gallery, you'll want to curate and organise them to create a cohesive narrative. Here's how to do it:

1. Enjoy the Content: Take time to enjoy and review the content your guests contribute. You can view photos, watch videos, read stories, and see reactions from other contributors.

2. Decide What to Keep: Decide which memories you want to keep in the event gallery and which ones you want to hide or delete.

3. Add Captions, Stories and Links: Captions are a great way to tell the story behind the image, and we’ll include your captions in the slideshow. Stories allow any contributor to add reflections, greetings, or recount the journey. Links can reconnect with the playlist from the party, the map from the ride or a video of the landscape.

4. Celebrate with a Slideshow: Use memwa's slideshow feature to create beautiful slideshows of your memories. Customise the slideshow by hiding content and adding captions to bring your memories to life.

Step 4: Sharing your galleries

Once satisfied with your curated collection, you can share it with your contributors and other viewers via email or by generating a shareable link.

1. Invite Others to View: Invite friends and family members to view the event gallery and relive the memories with you.

2. Keep Memories Safe: Rest assured that your memories are safe and secure with memwa. We prioritise your privacy and ensure only those you invite can view and contribute to your event galleries.

And there you have it—a beginner's guide to making memories flourish with memwa. So why wait? Start your memwa journey today so you can treasure your memories tomorrow.


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