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Our Mission

memwa exists to enrich life by celebrating memories with those who matter most.

We help shape a world where everyone flourishes. 

Our Story

We embarked on this insane journey of building a new business because want to contribute positively to the world around us, particularly in times when the world feels strained.

We are very lucky people as we have had many opportunities to create special memories over our lifetime with our families, friends and a myriad of teams and groups we have been a part of in our personal and professional lives.

We really treasure these people who have been a part of our lives and the memories we created together.  But we struggle mightily to stay connected and to celebrate (or often remember) the times we have had together.

Everyone we speak to feels the same challenge. It isn't a life or death issue, but we all miss out on the potential of memories to strengthen relationships, build confidence, pass on a legacy, comfort in times of grief, and express joy, laughter and tears.   

So, we decided to take this on. To build memwa, the platform where
memories flourish.  It is a big job. We are tiny startup trying to do a better job of celebrating memories than the largest companies on Earth. 

We are only at the beginning, but we are excited to take it on and to partner with our community of users to figure out what is most valuable to focus on building a platform brings joy and is deserving of your confidence.

We are excited for you to come on this journey with us!

Meet the founder

Founder and CEO

Barry Newstead

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Barry Headshot - memwa_edited.png

Barry is a purpose-driven leader with experience across the business and non-profit sectors. memwa started as a kernal of idea that came from many conversations with friends and family.  

It has been an incredible and humbling experience so far to start with nothing but a vision and then building a platform that is intended to enrich life.

Barry is passionate about the potential for memwa to strengthen relationships and bring  joy to life. He is committed to building a company that lives up to high ethical standards, is a positive force, and gives back to society.

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