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memwa for partners: Enrich your customer experience with great take-home content

Updated: Apr 10

At memwa, we are building the app platform that celebrates memories created with those that matter most.  We are creating a better way to build collections of memories that last a lifetime.

Many of the most important memories happen during events, trips, excursions, celebrations and more. Experiences that you make memorable for your customers!

So what happens when the experience is over?  What content do your customers have to look back on when they want to relive the moment? Is the content as epic as the experience itself?  

The content your customers capture is important to your business success, so don’t miss the opportunity to make this a part of the experience. If customers have poor quality photos or videos, that reflects badly on the experience. 

They won’t relive the moment as frequently and won’t share it with their friends. Your brand will fade with the memory and you’ll miss a great opportunity for your customers to share their experiences and your brand.

Enter memwa! 

memwa has built the perfect partner platform, specifically for you to provide your customers with great take-home experiences.  If you are a cultural institution, a tourism business, photographer, theme park, sports league, conference organizer or any special event provider, memwa is for you!

The memwa platform makes it easy for you to upload a library of content and make it available to your customers to add to their memory. Here is how it works:

  1. You capture the special moments of your customer’s experience. This can be content you take during the activity (e.g., group photos, live action videos) or might be evergreen content that enriches the experience (e.g., landscape or exhibition images, documentary video) 

  2. You sign-up for an account on

  3. You create an event

  4. You upload photos and videos to the event (and if you like give the photos a title)

  5. You share the link to the custom event content library with your customer(s)

Your customers then:

  1. Clicks the link and is prompted to open or download the memwa app (either on iOS or Android)

  2. Once they are signed into the app, your event content library automatically opens

  3. They can browse the content available and select the content they want to add to their own memory

  4. They add the photos and videos to their memory gallery alongside their own content

  5. (If they want, they can download the content to share on other platforms)

Why this is a powerful way to enrich customer experiences:

  • Increase loyalty by providing great content that helps customers relive the experience

  • Improve Word-of-Mouth brand development when customers share their great memories

  • Help your customers enjoy the experience fully by reducing the pressure to be capturing content themselves

  • (Coming soon) Add a new premium content revenue stream to your business

Partnership FAQ

What does it cost to use the memwa platform?

Right now the platform is free to use, so give it a go!  In future, memwa will have a tiered subscription service based on the use of premium features.  memwa will also be introducing the option for you to charge customers for your content as a new revenue stream and memwa will change a transaction fee for this service.

memwa plans to introduce content monetization in mid-2024 and the subscription service later in 2024.

Do I need to be a content professional to provide content on the platform?

It depends. If your objective is to really have your brand pop and you see the potential to monetize your content, then it is worth investing in either upskilling or contracting a professional photographer. The key is that you capture content your customers will love (and will pay for) and you can do that on a good smartphone these days. If you don’t currently capture quality content, then memwa’s recommendation is to start off with something simple and expand as you go.  The most valuable content will be live content with your customers participating or high quality imagery that is hard for a customer to capture or documentary content that is unique to your experience. 

Am I able to sell my content to customers or other users on memwa?

memwa’s vision is that the partner platform will indeed enable you to sell content.  This feature is still in the planning stage and the idea is to offer you the option to sell individual images a la carte or provide your customers with a “bundle” that gives them access to all or a subset of content as part of their package. 

What is the quality of images on memwa?

memwa provides high image quality for digital content. memwa does not compress images in the upload process and if images are downloaded for use off-platform, the full image is downloaded uncompressed.  We have not yet optimized the app for very high quality video imagery, although that is on the product roadmap. 

Do I need special software to use the memwa partner platform?

No. The memwa partner platform runs in your browser like any website. It can be used both via a laptop or a mobile device.  We specifically wanted to enable a guide or group leader to upload content on the road without having to access a laptop. We do recommend using a high speed internet connection for uploading large videos to the platform.  

Can I have multiple users on my memwa account?

At this time, memwa is only set up for use with a single user for each company. Adding multiple users per account is on the product roadmap for the near future. 

What are the copyright restrictions on the content?

The main copyright restriction is that you must own the copyright for any content you upload and by uploading the content, you provide anyone who accessing the content via the link with a royalty-free license to use the content for non-commercial purposes. 

At the current time, users will be permitted to download the content from memwa to share in other apps. If there is sufficient demand from partners, we could build an option to prevent downloads. 

How does memwa protect our copyrighted content?

memwa has designed the platform as a means to connect with your customers. We are not responsible for actions of your customers that may violate your copyright.  As we grow, we do have features on our product roadmap that will provide some protection including watermarking images as a deterrence or disabling screenshots or downloads as an option. 

What are memwa’s objectionable content policies?

memwa has strict objectionable content policies and all content on the platform are subject to these policies, regardless of the source.



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